We offer application development for mobile devices that ensures that our products not only stand out from the crowd, but also provide both increased profitability and ease of use. For our clients, this means an increase in business efficiency and a better bottom line.

We make custom mobile app development on the following platforms:

Mobile Application Development Process

After we receive request for an app development, we immediately discuss project details and strategies with our team of app experts. Such brainstorming allows us to have clear and thorough understanding of the product to be developed and gather all the unique and creative ideas together.

Software design depends on the available capabilities of a mobile platform and can differ depending on the requirements of iOS, Android or Windows Mobile platforms. Our design experts will derive the best and most creative solutions to the problem in hand.
Software validation can be stated as the process of verifying that a mobile application:
  • meets the requirements that guided its design and development
  • works as expected
  • can be implemented with the same characteristics
We focus the validation effort at different points of the development process before the app reaches a formal team of validators.
After the application is launched, it might require an adaptation as well as updating. We help both with updating the process, where an earlier version of a software system is replaced with a newer release, and with adaptation, initiated by local events on the customer site.


Fast Development Solutions is the Mobile Applications brand that develops programs through creative and elaborate approach to customer needs, helping organizations to integrate and align architectures and functions in the most effective way.
Our disciplined quality-based approach to programming transforms our solutions into confident, effective, respected apps that are able to face the toughest challenges.


Our vision is to help our Singapore clients to achieve business growth and development by providing superior services to them. We achieve it by having highly skilled professionals employed to guarantee high class service.
To attain our goal we evaluate problems and opportunities through fundamental analysis that underlie all business processes. With a diversity of analytical tools and methods, our clients see things in new ways.

Why choose us?

We develop only high-quality mobile applications that help companies and individuals to increase business productivity and efficiency. Quality is a top priority in our service.

Our employees’ experience in software development for our clients reaches a total of 140 years. We have an outstanding proven track record with a number of successful apps delivered to customers as well as our own projects.

Talented Team
A unique combination of talents and skills gathered in house allows the team to offer a wide array of services in mobile and game development spheres. Together with innovation and quality we propose the most effective solutions for customers’ needs.

Carefully elaborated app-building process
We analyze customer requirements very carefully and recommend most suitable solutions taking into consideration ease of use, scalability, portability across mobile platforms, user experience and future upgrades.

Knowledge and Technologies
  • C++/MFC/Obj C, SQL, HTML 5, PHP, CUDA
  • Client-Server applications, Object-Oriented analysis and design, Unix programming
  • iOS, Android, Windows Mobile (C#)

  • Our Development office is in Singapore, we do no outsource work to others
  • Some of our developers speak Russian and Chinese
  • We have an experience in creating high-intense services such as online-casino